Notes Overview

Earn attractive annual yields by investing in our Notes

  • Aspirity, formerly known as TCPH, has been offering its Renewable Unsecured Subordinated Notes to the public since May 2012. 
  • Our Notes are a promise to pay principal and interest to the holder. By purchasing a Note, you are lending money to us and the Note represents our obligation to repay your loan with interest.
  • We offer Notes with initial terms ranging from 3 months to 10 years. Depending on our capital needs, certain terms may not always be available.
  • When a Note matures, you may choose to have your principal repaid together with any accrued but unpaid interest. Alternatively, if neither you nor we elect to repay the Note at maturity, it will automatically renew for another term and continue to earn interest.
  • Interest rates are determined at the time a Note is purchased or renewed by its time to maturity. Notes earn incrementally higher interest rates when the aggregate principal amount you have lent us reaches specified amounts. The Interest Rates table lists our current interest rates by Note term and cumulative principal amount.
  • Like any investment, the purchase of our Notes involves certain risks, which are described in the Prospectus, our SEC filings, and on the Notes FAQs page. These risks include the potential loss of principal. The Notes are not bank certificates of deposit and are not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, or any other agency or company. The Notes are obligations of the Company only.
  • The Prospectus and other materials found on this web site and in our filings with the SEC provide more complete information regarding the Notes and Aspirity. Please read these materials carefully before purchasing any Notes.
  • For questions about the Company or its finances, please call 952.241.3103 or email
  • For questions about how to invest in our Notes, call 888.955.3385 or email